Online Bra Fitting Gift Certificate

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Bra Fittings by Courtney-0006.jpg

Online Bra Fitting Gift Certificate


Don't live in Utah, don't have much time, and don't have great bra shops around? This is perfect for YOU!  You get a personalized bra fitting without having to leave the comfort of your home!  


Here’s how they work.  The first step is figuring out your needs, where you'll fill out a detailed questionnaire that will help me to get to know you, determine what kind of bra(s) you’re looking for and get your measurements.  

I’ll send you links to bras in the size I want you to purchase.  Once you receive the bras in the mail, you'll email me, and we’ll set up a time to meet on Google Hangouts.   

During the consult call I will listen to your needs, concerns and questions; assess your needs; find your bra size; and teach you my tips on how a bra should properly fit.  You will try on each of the bras and show me how they fit, and I help you find the one(s) that fit best!  I do all the work for you, you get to sit back and relax!  Keep the bras that fit and return the ones that don't.  It's really easy. 

If more bras need to be ordered, I'll set up another follow up appointment. 

I can help you find sports bras, strapless, nursing, and everyday bras.  Have questions after your bra consult?  No worries!  Included with your bra consult, you have access to me through email for questions regarding your bra(s) and how they should fit a year after your consult!  

This is so nice if change sizes, change your mind about your bra purchase, have questions, concerns, or can't remember what size or the name of the bras you purchased! I keep all of that information for you! 

Online consults usually last 30 minutes.    I look forward to helping your loved one find the perfect fitting bra for your bosoms! 

After you purchase this, you'll receive a gift certificate you can give you your giftee.  On that, there's information on how they can contact me to schedule their online bra fitting. 

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