How Your Bra Should and Shouldn't Fit?



I'm so glad you're here!

Are you wondering, " How Should a Bra Fit?" Are you tired of wearing the wrong size bra? You're in the right place because I'm here to liberate you from wearing ill fitting bra and change your life!

My name is Courtney and I'm a Certified Bra Fit Specialist and have worked in the Lingerie industry for several years and have fitted thousands of women in my career.  

I'm here to show you exactly how to get that perfect fitting bra by giving you the most important six bra tips that will change your life!  

Do you suffer from the following? 

-Do you hate wearing bras because their uncomfortable?

-Do your breasts fall or hang out of your bra?

-Are you constantly adjusting your bra?

-Do your cups pucker or gap?  

-Do your straps dig or slide off your shoulders?

-Do your breasts feel unsupported?

If you are asking yourself, "How Should a Bra?" there are six places you need to check whenever you try on a bra to make sure it fits, don't worry we'll go over each of these places.

1. Gore

This is located smack dab in the middle where the underwire separates your breasts.  You can tell from this illustration, the underwire isn't separating this headless gal's boobs.  There's a lot of cleavage going on.  For all of you busty gals, it's really, really, really, really, really important the middle part of the bra is flat against your skin.  If the there's a large gap between your skin and the gore, this means your bra cup size is too small and need to go up a cup size.  If you look at the underwires in the front, you can see how they're literally laying on top of her breasts in the front, this is a no-no.


2. Top Cup

When the gore isn't lying completely flat against your skin like it shows in the first picture, you will get the dreaded "double boob" coming out of the top of the cup.  The "double boob" is when the cup is too small and there's no more space for the breast, so the breast is pushed out of your bra, and the bra indents into the top part of the breast.

3. Bottom Cup

This is where the bottom underwires are located.  When the gore isn't laying flat between your breasts, and your coming out of the top of the bra, 100% of the time you will get boobage that comes out of the bottom of the bra.  To make sure the bottom cup is scooping your breasts in place, you'll want to get your bra on, bend over, take your hand, scoop your breast and lift into the cup.  Do this to both breasts.  Stand back up, you'll need to adjust the bra in the front.  After adjusting yourself, check to see if you have a 1/4" inch of space between your breast and the underwire.  If you do, this means your cup size fits, if the underwire is right up against your breast and when you lift your arms, can feel your breast coming out of the bottom, your cup size is too small.

4. Sides

The fourth place you need to check is the sides.  You can see in the illustration, a large portion of her side breast isn't being covered up by the bra.  When this happens, the underwires on the side are laying on top of your breasts.  You want the underwire to lay at least a 1/4" inch space between your breast tissue and your bra.  

5. Band

The fifth place you want to check is the band in the back.  See how the band is riding high, and how it's hooked on the last set of  notches?  This means that the band is stretched out and is too loose and you need to go down a band size or two until it feels snug on the loosest set of hooks.   You want the band to lay LOW in the back, where the dotted line is shown.  Your band is where 95% of your support comes from!  This is why when you're wearing the wrong size bra, a lot of women complain of back pain because they're putting the weight of their breasts on their shoulders and not their band.  When your band is laying low in the back, it will lift your bosoms higher, you'll get less back fat, and so much more comfortable!

6. Straps

If your straps feel like they're going to fall off your shoulders, or that they sit really wide on your shoulders, this is a good indicator your band size is too big and you need to go down a band size. The larger the band size, the more wide set the straps are placed in the back of the bra to accommodate larger women.  The smaller the band size, the more narrow set the straps are places in the back of the bra to accommodate petite women.  You should be able to slide two fingers underneath the strap and have a hard time moving them around.  If you can move your fingers around easily, you need to tighten them.  Remember, your support comes from your band, not your straps.  

I hope this help break down the confusion on how bras should and shouldn't fit.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!  Check out my bra fitting services below: