Bra Review: NEW Soma Enticing Lift Bra


Soma's new Enticing Lift Bra is a prime example of innovation and the lingerie industry listening to women's bra wants and needs.  

I received the Soma Enticing Lift Bra to review right as I was weaning my little darling after exclusively breastfeeding him for 11 months.  I was so happy to put on a normal bra again. 

I'm excited about this bra for several reasons:

1. This bra is technically "unlined", which means it doesn't have any padding or thick molded cups.  The cup has very thin material that looks like a molded cup, but feels more like a soft cup!  I love soft cups bras because they're easier to fill out and feel more natural.  I love this feature on this bra because some molded cups can add more bulk to women's breasts who don't want to look bustier or feel like they're wearing a suit of armor.  

2. The bra is extremely comfortable.  It has thick straps, thick band in the back, and has three hooks and eyes in the back. The edges of the bras have this bonded technology, so you don't feel any chafing against your skin.

3. The cups are made from a flat lace and this does a GREAT job of concealing protruding nipples and makes the bra really pretty and appealing.  Also, you can't see the lace underneath t-shirts!

4. This bra comes in a pretty good range of sizes.  It's available in 32-40 band size and B-G cup size.  

6. It's reasonably priced at $58.  

There were a few cons to this bra.

1. The top of the cup tend to pucker a bit on one side.  It's normal to have one breast be smaller than the other, so this was the reason why it puckered.  With the type of shirts I wear, I couldn't see the puckering underneath my clothing, but if I was to wear more fitted shirts in the bust area, you would be able to see it.  I read reviews on this bra and a lot of women complained of this exact same thing. 

On Soma's website they recommend ordering 2 sizes in this bra: your current size and one cup smaller. For example, if you currently wear 38DD, order 38DD & 38D. They offer free returns.  I tried this and the smaller cup size was too small. 

Just because it puckers a little bit doesn't mean the bra doesn't fit, it could be because of the way you're shaped, and one breast is smaller than the other.  Most of all, this is kind of annoying and can prevent some women wanting to buy something they'll be bugged about when wearing it. 

2. I wish this bra came in a 30 band.  And was available in a 32G.  

Overall, I give this bra 4 stars out of 5.  The puckering was why I didn't give it 5 stars.  I think Soma is definitely going in the right direction when it comes to offering women a bra that gives them the shape of a molded cup, but the feel of a soft cup.  This is something I've been looking for and have had hundreds of women complain how there's not many bra options to meet this gap in the market.  

I recommend this bra, and think it's a good buy.  If having some puckering in your bra is going to annoy the heck out of you, then I would order two different sizes.  If that still doesn't fix the problem, then this bra isn't the right one for you. 

Thank you Soma for sending me this bra to review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  

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