Bra Size Converter: Difference Between US & UK Bra Sizing


Today’s topic is probably one of the hardest concepts to explain and understand in bra sizing.  I’ve been working in the lingerie industry for 10 years and sometimes I get mixed up with it.  We’re going to talk about the difference between UK and US bra sizing.  If your cup size is smaller than a DD, you don’t have to worry about a thing.  But if your cup size is larger than a DD+ you need to listen up!  Don’t worry, I break it down to easy terms to understand.

Because manufacturers employ different bra sizing systems, determining which size to buy becomes literally, a pain in the butt.  One of the most commonly asked question I get from women is how to convert their UK size. 

One thing you need to know, band sizes stay the same in US and UK sizing, e.g., a US 32 band is the same as a UK 32 band.  

Since the bra industry doesn’t have standardized sizing, variation in how tight or loose a band is cut varies between UK  and US manufacturers. 

Natori, one of my favorite brands, uses more luxurious soft and stretchy fabrics for their bras, therefore they often have a stretchier band compared to Wacoal which uses firmer materials and a tighter cut.  So sometimes you’ll find a 32 band size is way loose or snug depending on the brand.

Bra Size Converter:

Where the big differences is how UK and US manufacturers label cup sizes, dun, dun, dun!!!  Here we go into the complex part.  Look at this handy dandy chart, it makes it a lot easier to visualize and understand.  

As the chart indicates, American manufacturers essentially cycle through the alphabet without utilizing a multiple letter system beyond DDD.  In fact, some US brands (and many European brands) will label a DD as an E and a DDD as an F.  

To make the process of buying a bra even more confusing, some US brands, utilize UK sizing systems. My rule of thumb, if you’re hoping to buy online, you need to determine what sizing method a manufacturer employs before ordering.  

My trick.  Look at the tag on the bra.  Bras these days will show you the UK and US equivalent sizes.  If you’re still having a hard time, Google it, or look at the manufacturer's website. It's a build in bra size converter.

For an example. A UK H cup is three sizes bigger than a US H cup, so making it essential to know how a brand sizes its products.

Some of my favorite UK bra brands are:  



Freya Pure Nude Nursing Bra

Freya Pure Nude Nursing Bra

My favorite US bra sizing brands:


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