Bra Fitting Guide

These are the perfect companion for women who need my help but can't because of distance. It's like me wrapped up in four pretty guides. You can get my personal help with my four bra fitting guides.

The first one, is my bra size guide. I walk you through the steps to finding the bra size you should start trying on.

Then use the breast shape guide to identify your breast shape, and to shop bras I recommend for your breast shape.

Next, when you get your bras, use the bra fitting guide to know the six places you need to check to make sure your bra fits.

And the last one is the newest addition, my 15 bra fit tips you need to know. This is where all of the other guides tie in together. I give you the most important bra fit tips to help to find that perfect fitting bra. I go in depth into US vs US sizing, sister sizes, and give you several bra scenarios that will help you understand how to navigate the difficult and confusing world of bra sizing.

These will help you find that perfect fitting bra. It will change your life, I guarantee it.  

*By purchasing, I agree not to record, reproduce, distribute, copy, or display the bra fitting guides and its contents.  This guide is strictly for personal and private use only, and is protected intellectual property of Bra Fittings By Court.

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