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Every woman NEEDS a bra fitting by Courtney! I can’t believe how ignorant I was about how a bra should really fit before I listened to her. Even the “fittings” I’d had before at the departments stores never helped me find a bra I was ever truly comfortable and completely supported in. Within minutes, Courtney had some that were absolutely PERFECT! I can’t believe how long I’ve gone without a well-fitting bra. I feel better, and I look better in my clothes. Forever grateful! :D
— Amy C.
I’ve always wanted to have a bra fitting, but it’s definitely not in my comfort zone. With having read Courtney’s articles she asks you to read before your appt, it really helped me understand how she does the fittings, how she came to her knowledge and you could feel of her love for helping other women find what works and will feel best for them.

From the moment we began mine and my daughters appointment, Courtney made us feel comfortable, she is very personable and funny. My daughter was set at ease within minutes and felt she came away knowing more of what a good fitting bra should feel like. My daughter always liked wearing sports bras and I had a hard time helping her get away from wearing them everyday. However, since our appt, she’s very happy with her new bras and said she feels so much better and loves the way they fit- I don’t think she’ll ever go back to wearing those kinds of sports bras again.

Courtney was very knowledgeable about the fittings but also on the bras that are on sale, and was very helpful with the purchase of those bras and making sure we got the best price. Which is really important when you’re spending so much on them. Courtney stayed by our side during the purchase, made sure to tell me I could email or call her with any questions or whatever I need, and then I received an email from her stating the same thing the next day.

I felt like I was in great hands from the beginning to the end of my experience. I will definitely highly recommend Courtney to my friends and family, and suggest all women they should do this for themselves!
— Brooke G.
6 months postpartum, I was in desperate need of some good fitting bras as I wrapped up my nursing. All my bras from before the baby didn’t fit quite right. After seeing some super informative posts on both Facebook and Instagram from Courtney about bra fittings, I really wanted to give her a try. I got in touch with her and we were able to set something up right away. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. I just knew I needed some help and I needed it fast! We went to Nordstrom at City Creek together. She took me straight to the lingerie department, placed me in a comfy dressing room in back, and then proceeded to do all the work for me! I truly didn’t have to lift a finger. We quickly found an appropriate fit and tried on a variety of bras in that size from there. In the process, I learned a ton! After quickly learning that I’ve been wearing bras incorrectly for more than a decade (thanks a lot, Victoria’s Secret!), I was amazed at how well things worked with the proper fit. Confidence restored! My FAVORITE part was that with the proper band size and placement, I got to kiss that visible back fat goodbye! Throughout the whole process, I now feel that I have the tools to shop better on my own in the future, even if my size changes because I plan on losing some weight in the future. Thanks a million, Courtney!
— Jen H.
I never knew bras could fit me so well, and be comfortable to wear all day (every day). I’m so pleased that Courtney could help me find bras for my lifestyle and in my budget. I highly recommend using Courtney’s services!
— Kimber C.
I am so glad I met Courtney! Before I got her help I was doing everything wrong with my bras! She is so fun and friendly and made it such an enjoyable experience. Thank you Courtney!
— Megan H.
I loved working with Courtney for my bra fitting. She made me feel comfortable from the start. She was laid back and listened to my questions and observations. I can be a little picky when it comes to my bras. She was patient and worked hard to find a bra that fit. I’m so glad I was able to work with Courtney.
— Carol T.
In the hour I spent with Courtney during my personal bra fitting, I felt like a complete novice learning all of the tips and secrets from the master. I learned so many great things about finding the right bra for my body and making sure it fit properly. I feel like a new confident woman with a better lift, and the best fit bras I have ever had in my entire life.
— Debbie T.
I think every women should get fitted by Court. She makes you feel so comfortable. Now that I have been fitted I feel sexier and more confident and I now jabber the correct size bra! If you haven’t been fitted well hurry up get fitted NOW!
— Brandi H.
I am so glad I decided to get a bra fitting with Courtney! Her knowledge and experience with bras made finding the right one so easy.
Now I can nurse my baby and be supported and stylish all at the same time!
— Shannon M.
Loved my experience with Court. She was very knowledgeable, answered my all my questions, and easy to talk to. She was a lot of fun! I left feeling like a whole new woman!
— Jena H.
What would have normally been a dreaded trip to the store to find a new bra after being done nursing my baby, my bra shopping experience turned into a fun girls night out. Courtney made buying a new bra fun and pain free. She made me feel comfortable and confident trying on bras. She was thorough in my fotting, making sure it fit in all the right spots. She was able to tell me my bra size and brought me in a ton of bras to try on to make sure I found the one I like the best. Once I found the ones I liked she told me where and how to find them cheaper sometimes. After the fitting I ended up buying the bras at the store because they were the same price as online. She emailed me when we got home links to some of the other ones I liked and didn’t buy, incase I needed to buy them down the road. We had such a fun night (my sister and friend) getting fitted with Courtney! She has a fun personality and knows her stuff. I would recommend her to everyone. Don’t go to the store to get fitted for a bra!!! Go to Courtney, she is so much more thorough.
— Kami W.