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Learn all about my new project and how it's going to change women's bra shopping experience online.
I'm talking about what is normal and not normal when it comes to having red marks on your skin from wearing your bra.
As a LDS bra fitting expert I talk about LDS Garments and bras; the styles and fabrics of garments I recommend wearing with your bra, and my my experience with the brand new Stretch Cotton garment tops.

I chat with Amy from The Vagina Blog about nursing bras. Check out the blog:

Fiona who is a mom to five, a doula, and hypno birth expert. Fiona opens up and about her breast augmentation experience from meeting with the doctor, to the surgery, to post surgery, and two years later. She's also talks about how she was able to successfully breastfeed two babies after her augmentation.
Shelley is a mom to two and an aerobic instructor. She talks openly about her breast reduction she had 10 years ago. She talks about her experience with surgery, recovery, and why she decided to get it done.
Kate, is a pediatric nurse, a wife, and has the best sense of humor. In this interview Kate opens up how she found a lump in her breast and diagnosed with stage two breast cancer at the age of 34. She talks about the diagnosis and prognosis journey which resulted in a mastectomy and several reconstruction surgeries.